10 must-read independent magazines for creatives

Introducing our creative entrepreneurs blog! Within this blog we will be covering and inviting creatives to cover all things creative industry. From how to succeed as an actor to the latest in interior design.

To kick off, we have put together a list of 10 of our favourite independent magazines for creatives. These magazines cover a wide range of topics, some specifically focussed on the arts, while others embracing an open-minded and creative interpretation to everyday life and business.

Happy News 

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A beautifully illustrated newspaper which shares only positive news and wonderful people. Founded by Emily Coxhead, the paper includes headlines such as ‘Cuddling can help Wounds Heal Faster’ and ‘Trash man builds free library out of 20,000 books found in bins’ .



A fresh thinking tech magazine, Offscreen is published in print and offers thoughtful insights into the future vision of people working with technology. Articles include interviews with inspiring tech figures such as Jocelyn Glei and Angus Hervey.



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A lifestyle magazine connecting a global community of likeminded creatives that care about thoughtful design, independent travel and different perspective life approaches.  


Works that work

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An international magazine, publishing original in-depth essays about how creative ideas can impact everyday life.  The magazine features interesting topics such as ‘How Bhutan is designing for its survival’.



Delayed Gratification

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Delayed Gratification is a magazine that follows the concept of slow journalism. With today’s ultra-fast headline news story churn, it becomes difficult to really appreciate and recognise prominent, long-lasting news stories. Therefore, Delayed-Gratification focuses on revisiting news stories after the dust has settled to give a final and comprehensive review of the stories that mattered.



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 A revival of home, work, style and culture. Kinfolk focuses to promote quality of life a connect the global community of creative professionals from globally. The creative magazine includes focused interviews and analysis of creative professionals such as Yoon Ahn https://kinfolk.com/yoon-ahn/, a designer from Tokyo, as well as tours of creative professionals homes https://kinfolk.com/home-tour-todoroki-valley-house/offering a different perspective on interior design.


The Great Discontent

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A print and online publication featuring inspiring conversations with artists, makers and risk takers. Interviews include creatives’ in all professions from actors to artists to photographers .


Oh Comely

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A curious, honest and playful look at life from all perspectives. Oh Comely offers new and creative writing, photography and illustrations. Magazine headlines include ‘Self-Love, surrealism and forever friendships’.



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Courier reports on modern business and start-up culture globally. The magazine is brilliant for any entrepreneur looking for new perspectives or guidance, with headlines such as ‘Selling to Gen Z’

 and ‘What’s next for podcasting’ .

Dirty Furniture  

Dirty Furniture is a magazine that uncovers the relationship between people and the things they live with. Interest in what happens after an item leaves its showroom, the magazine explores topics spanning from the politics, history, technology, psychology and manufacturing behind the items people and businesses exist with.  

The Happy Reader

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The Happy Reader is a magazine for anyone who wishes to stay inspired and entertained. The magazine is a celebration of reading, with beautiful typography and in depth interviews.

The Gourmand

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A food and culture journal, Gourmand is an award-winning magazine with creative, timeless and exclusive food and culture literature.