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The Media Industry is unique and so is it's tax. With it's very own regulations, deductions, and reliefs, you can save thousands of pounds with the aid of an experienced, specialist eye. We are expert in ensuring media individuals and companies are claiming absolutely every expense, deduction and relief they are entitled to. 


Graphic Design, by Yemi Davis

Graphic Design, by Yemi Davis

Expenses and Deductions

As a graphic designer, art director or any media professional, you have a number of tax filing obligations and incentives. Bambridge Accountants are expert at knowing the facts. We save thousands of media professionals money every year through our wealth of Creative Industry Tax knowledge and experience. 

While on and off the job every media professionals will incur work-related expenses that can be claimed against tax. Having a full, in-depth knowledge of your tax entitlements will save you thousands and avoid penalties.

Below is a list of just some of the tax deductions you are entitled to are a media professional.


The money you spend on parking, tolls, taxis and public transport while working is all claimable against tax. The costs of using your own car for work, for instance when traveling to a client's premises or attending meetings is all claimable against tax

However, please note that regular travel to and from your home and a fixed office is often not claimable. 


Clothing can be an extremely useful expense to claim on your tax return. As a media professional you may have clothing that you use wholly and exclusively for work. This clothing is claimable.

It is essential that you only claim clothes that are worn for the purpose of work. Part-personal clothing is not claimable. Wrongfully claiming this expense can lead to setbacks and penalties.