We are expert in the complexities and opportunities of tax for photographers. As specialists in accounting for photographers, we save photographers thousands every year by maximizing on the unique deductions and reliefs available to photographers.  

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Photography by our client, Diego Arroyo

Photography by our client, Diego Arroyo



One of the first steps we will take when filing your tax return is ensuring that you are claiming absolutely all expenses you are entitled to.

As a self-employed photographer, it is essential that you keep accurate records of your expenses throughout the tax year. The more detailed and accurate your expenses, the more you can claim back. 

Below are some examples of expenses you are entitled to claim as a photographer:

Travel Tickets

Part of the nature of being a photographer is constantly exploring different locations. All travel that is work-related is claimable against tax. Therefore flights, train-tickets, and bus-rides to photography shoots are claimable. 

It is important to note that if your travel was partly personal-related, i.e. 5 days of your travel were taken as holiday, you must apportion the expense.

Work-related petrol and other motor costs are also claimable.


Perhaps one of the most obvious expenses to claim for a photographer is work-related equipment i.e. your camera! This expense can, however, be stretched much further. For example, the equipment needs to look after your camera or lighting equipment. 

Make sure you are identifying all work-related expenses on equipment.


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