HMRC Rebate Email Scam Warning: Phyishing and Bogus emails from HMRC

Fraudsters are targeting UK taxpayers with phishing and scam emails from the HMRC.

An example of a HMRC scam email that is currently being sent to Brits can be seen below:

Screenshot 2018-02-26 10.21.25.png

The email claims that there has been a problem in issuing the taxpayer their £334.61 refund and so instructs them to follow through to the stated link. 

There is no limit to the damage fraudsters can do, with one taxpayer who fell victim to one of these scams having over £16,000 cleared out of his bank account and credit cards. 


Telling genuine HMRC communications and phishing emails apart

Many scam websites, emails and phone numbers look part of the official government HMRC service. It is therefore important to learn the tell tale signs of phishing and always check for them before taking any action.

There are a number of types of HMRC scam emails that are constantly changing and evolving. For instance, on common scam is promoting a government official tax service that is cheaper than anywhere else.

The general rules to follow is that the HMRC will never:

  • Tell you about a tax rebate or penalty via email or text
  • Ask for personal or payment information via email or text

If you're unsure of whether communications are a scam or not contact the HMRC before taking any further action

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