HEAR HER CAMPAIGN: Takes a look backstage at the acting work for women

To celebrate the 100-year monument of women winning the vote, the BBC have introduced the Hear Her campaign. The campaign showcases women’s voices through a mixture of TV, radio and online to mark 100 years since suffrage and the centenary anniversary of women being able to vote in the UK. 

The season is a combination of looking at the past, present and future; presented in a wide range of genres from comedy to documentary. The programs include an observational documentary about Germaine Geer for BBC Two and Women’s Monologues w/t for BBC Four; an eight-part series of ambitious and challenging monologues from celebrated female playwrights.   

A recent comedy shot, written and acted by Jessica Swale, has caught our attention particularly as it focuses on the backstage world of the acting industry. Shedding light on the like of British acting talent auditioning for a dream role. 

See the video below and let us know what you think!