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Alistair Bambridge


An award-winning author and chartered accountant with over 15 years experience. Alistair established Bambridge Accountants in 2010 after realizing the lack of expert tax support available to US expats and creative industry professionals.

With recognition throughout the industry and further; Alistair has been listed in Spears 2018, The Independent, The Financial Times, Forbes, The Times and much more.

Callies Marles


A qualified Tax Technician, Callie is a specialist in both corporate and personal US tax. Callie is an expert in breaking down the complexities of US tax into an easy-to-understand, friendly service.

Continuously acknowledged by clients for her outstanding level of service, Callie holds developing a tailored service that works to meet your wants and needs as her priority.




As an accountants firm based in New York and London we are expert in providing expert tax advice on how US companies can minimize against tax and maximize on profit.

We have put together a summary of just some of the major tax incentives that Congress has out in to play to encourage certain behaviors by US congress.

DPAD- Reduce taxable income by 9% of income from domestic production

In an effort to encourage companies to keep their manufacturing processes within the U.S., Congress introduced DPAD (Domestic Production Activities Deduction (DPAD). This is where U.S. corporations can reduce their income by 9% of their income from domestic production. This provision was created in response to many U.S. businesses outsourcing their production in cheaper overseas facilities.


Foreign tax Incentives- not paying taxes on profits gained overseas

Multination companies are not requires to pay U.S. taxes on profits earned overseas until the earnings are brought into the U.S. This has brought an incentive to keep cash overseas and pay taxes at a preferential rate for U.S. companies. Although the passing introduced into US tax law during December 2017 would theoretically reduce the incentive for U.S. companies to bring their profit to the U.S. for taxation; the law works to encourage businesses to trade worldwide.


State and Local Bonds- Exempt state and municipal bonds from federal taxation

Congress introduced a policy that allowed certain state and municipal bonds to be free from federal taxation. This was introduced to encourage investment in state governments and local communities. U.S. corporations (and individuals) are therefore incentivized to purchase these types of bonds, of which funds are typically invested into programs that benefit local communities, unlike federal or corporate bonds.