Campaign to End Loneliness: Going it Alone Marketing Campaign

We would like everybody to take a moment for everyone to watch this thought-provoking video put together by Marketing Agency BMB for Campaign to End Loneliness.

The video documents a project launched by BMB designed to raise awareness around the UK’s growing loneliness epidemic and to help end the stigma around this.  

The project was focused on a young man with the hard-hitting challenge to ‘Go It Alone’ for an entire week. This meant no human contact in the physical or digital world. So no phone, wifi or contact with the outside world. The resulting video diary week resulted in a clear demonstration of intimate struggles of solitude that many have never had to experience nor consider.  After the experiment the young man is taken to meet his neighbour, a retired journalist who has written extensively on the subject if loneliness since the tragic loss of his wife. The two men then share their personal experience of loneliness in a heartfelt exchange and discuss ways of combating the issue. 

Since the film went live, it has been viewed over 28 million times and shared by The Guardian, Buzzfeed, The Sun, LadBible, The Independent, UniLad, The Huffing Post, The Daily Mail, Marie Claire and much more.

About the Campaign to End loneliness

The Campaign to End Loneliness exists with the goal of making sure no one who wants company goes without it. The charity work to ensure:

1.     People most at risk of loneliness are reached and supported

2.     Services and activities more effective at addressing loneliness

3.     A wider range of loneliness services and activities are developed.


Bambridge Accountants are now official supporters of the Campaign to End Loneliness.

We were so convinced by BMB’s awareness campaign that we have signed up as a supporting Organisation and will be working help ensure at risk groups are supported.

Please click here to become a supporter.