Opportunity Zone Investments- the biggest US tax break that you’ve never heard of

As a baby born in the bottom 20% income scale in Detroit, you are 50% less likely to make the top 20% income scale than a child in San Francisco. One way to increase your probability of making the top 20% income bracket would be to move. However, American citizens decreasing willingness to pick up sticks and move states, has led to the key US government objective of increasing income in the less fortunate areas. 

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Do you need to file a US Personal Tax Return in 2019?

January 28th saw the entry of another tax season. Several million returns have already been processed, however many are still confused as to whether they are obligated to file a tax return or not.

 This article focuses on US citizens residing within the USA. Please note that there are different regulations for US expats. Feel free to contact us for details on filing a tax return as a US expat.  

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